INTERNSHIP - Software Developer Intern (8-10 weeks) Job at Caxy Interactive, Chicago, IL

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  • Chicago, IL

Job Description


We are looking for some green and aspiring developers to join our team for the summer to get some hands-on experience with modern techstack and supporting tech systems software in production environments. Our team is full of curious folks that believe in formal learning, informal learning, and mastery through direct experience to real-world problems for client projects. As an agency, we work in a number of modern tech frameworks, but our sweet spot is the Javascript space. We are particularly fond of the React/TypeScript/Node/Nest/GraphQL stack. We leverage both relational and non-relational DBs (mySQL/Postgres and Mongo/Dynamo) as appropriate fo the situation. We are looking for 4-6 interns to join us for 8-10 weeks through the full software development lifecycle. They will work independently and on teams, in our office downtown.

This position will be mentored directly by Dev Leads, Training Leads, PMs, Developers for technical support. They will also have access to the CTO, COO, and other team leadership for professional development support during their time.

The details below outline the general expectations of what an 8-10 week internship looks like at Caxy. This includes an incomplete list of resource materials and tasks that will be assigned and available for learning and exposure. We are looking to bring folks on in early June. 

All applications are due by May 20th. Applications received after this date will not be considered. 

Overview of What You'll Get From Our Internship

You'll be comfortable with the following things: 

  • Our code review process — participating, labels, updates, rebases
  • Setting up / running projects in docker 
  • Scrum standup updates 
  • Scrum planning process 
  • Writing architecture approach 
  • Understanding parts of the business requirements, design, ideation, and development lifecycles. You'll do this through hands-on, applied learning practices. 
  • Writing and updating frontend tests through puppeteer and similar products
  • Writing and updating unit and functional tests 
  • End-to-end testing, updating test plans, and filing/solving bugs and issues reported
  • Pairing work with developers of different skills and backgrounds

You'll get to learn and work in some of the following areas (to be assigned based on initial skill, interest, and work availability):

  • React and Typescript
  • NestJS and NodeJS
  • GraphQL API (and possibly some REST APIs or 3rd party integrations)
  • NestJS framework
  • mySQL or Postgres
  • Mongo or Dynamo (this may be limited based on projects available, which is okay)

You'll have time throughout each week to build skills in more formal learning settings through Frontend Masters as well. You'll pick one of these based on skill, comfort, etc: 

  • — CSS grids/Flexbox, Design-to-Dev implementation, Responsive Typography (scaling fonts), SVG Essentials and Animations
  • — Async and Object-Oriented JS, TypeScript, Adv. CSS, etc.
  • — Async JS, Dev Design Patterns, State Machines in JS, Production-Ready TypeScript (adv), Adv. Git, JS Performance
  • — Node, AWS/Servers, Docker, API Design
  • Javascript Fundamentals ( and Advanced Concepts
  • Node and GraphQL ( API Design)
  • React Fundamentals and Adv. Concepts ( (Hooks, Reducers, Routing, State Management, Jest, TypeScript

From Delivery Standpoint, you'll have opportunities to:

  • Own some or all of the testing of production applications
  • Learn to setup and configure AWS instances for new products (as available)
  • Own parts of key features through writing tickets, contributing to architecture, and building it either on your own in a pair (as time and skill allows)
  • They can complete 2 pt tickets within estimate
  • Writing tests, pair programming, and other support as determined by mentors and managers.
  • More work as assigned

Expectations and Requirements

Day To Day: 

  • Attend stand ups for all projects in the morning and afternoon. Times to change as needed. 
  • Development and applying critical thinking for problem solving across a variety of complex projects and features
  • Maintain communication with your team, mentors, and Operations. You'll have PMs and Developers you report to regularly. 
  • Work in our Agile Development process as assigned. 
  • Participating in Architecture and Planning discussions as assigned. 
  • Participate in Code Review and QA as requested and assigned on the team -- usually in pairing sessions. 
  • Effectively communicating your technical approach for work assigned for review/approval.
  • Reaching out actively for check ins on progress, pushing up branches at the end of each day and as prompted for support.
  • Pair program, support, and be active in training sessions as assigned.
  • Participating in formal coursework and virtual classes as assigned as well as tasks assigned by mentors. It is encouraged during your apprenticeship to take on personal learning for our techstack, though it is not required; we defer to how you learn best
  • Attend weekly checkin on progress for additional support on successfully completing the program.
  • Other duties as requested and assigned

Expectations for how we work: 

  • Our team works 9AM - 5PM Central. Depending on how many hours you work each week, you'll have a set schedule that differs from this. 
  • This is an hourly position with a set start and end date. No additional benefits are offered during this time. 
  • It is possible that upon concluding this internship that a position is offered. You are not obligated to accept this offer and rejecting this offer does not prevent you from earning employment with us at a later date. 
  • We do expect that you are in office Tuesday - Thursday of this internship and are able to come to our office reliably. 
  • We will provide a company laptop and other materials needed to be successful. We will expect these will be returned at the end of your internship. 
  • Upon being hired, we require a background check, legal authorization to work in the United States, and adherence to all privacy policy, ethical conduct, and other policies we establish. We reserve the right to change these policies with or without notice. 

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